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Felt and Rubber Rug Pad

The perfect combination of durability and comfort

We have 4 different rubber backed felt rug pads that offer the same cushioned support as a felt rug pad, with a non-slip latex backing designed to anchor rugs firmly in place. Rubber & felt rug pads are recommended if rug slippage is an issue.

Down Under is our most popular pad, at 1/4'' thick, it adds a comfortable layer of cushioning without creating too much bulk. Anchor Grip is slightly thicker at 3/8'', if you’re looking for more cushion with high levels of grip. Durahold and Superior-Lock are best of the best, felt and natural rubber rug pads, geared towards higher end Oriental and Persian rugs.


Down Under

A non-slip rug pad that offers the highest levels of cushioning. This rubber & felt rug pad works well with all types of rugs and floor finishes. Ultra-comfort is carefully designed grab and anchor rugs while offering ample cushioning & floor protection.

  • Available in 1/4'' thickness
  • Safe for all floors
  • 20 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

approx. $ 1.29 / sq ft


Anchor Grip 30

Anchor Grip 30 is a 3/8” rubber backed felt rug pad, designed at keeping rugs anchored while providing a dense layer of cushioning. Anchor Grip 30 work well with all types of rugs, but may be too thick with runner rugs and smaller area rugs.

  • 3/8” thick
  • Grooved squared backing
  • 20 year warranty
  • Made in the USA

approx. $ 1.29 / sq ft



Durahold-Plus is made in the USA with natural rubber backing and textured felt top. The signature purple hexagon backing is designed to grab floors. A textured felt surface layer is designed to fasten to the bottom of your area rug, preventing lateral movement in any direction.

  • Approx 1/3’’ thick
  • Offers both cushion and grip
  • High performance -recycled felt & rubber (natural) rug pad
  • Made in the USA – 20 Year Warranty

approx. $ 1.60 / sq ft



Superior-Lock rug pads are made in the USA with a natural rubber backing heat pressed to a textured felt surface layer. The natural rubber backing grabs floors and prevents lateral movement in any direction. A textured felt surface adds cushion and comfort keeping your rugs anchored down to the floor.

  • Offered in 1/4", 1/3" and 7/16" thick sizes
  • Ideal for adding comfort and floor protection
  • Recycled felt + heat pressed natural rubber backing
  • Made in the USA – 20 Year Warranty

approx. $ 1.73 / sq ft


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