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Durahold Rug Pad

The best prices on Durahold Rug Pads Online

The Durahold name is a staple in the rug pad industry. Some of the finest rug pads on the market come directly the Durahold and No-Muv name. Made in the USA with only natural rubber and felt materials, the Durahold and No-Muv rug pads are best known for their superior gripping power, eco-friendliness, and long term durability.

The Durahold rug pad name comes directly from No-Muv and is one of the most respected names in the industry. The Durahold company aims to provide only the highest quality rug pads to its consumers. Durahold and No-Muv rug pads are processed, cut, and shipped in the USA to ensure and maintain its premium quality. In order to sustain the excellent condition of the Durahold rug pads, all orders are custom cut and packaged to fit your rug shape and size. The Durahold rug pad company is a member of the prestigious Rug Pad Retailers of America (RPRA), an organization that aims to praise rug pad manufacturers based in the USA while maintaining a strict code of quality control. Durahold rug pads have propelled their name to become one of the most well-respected names in the industry. Manufactured using eco-friendly materials, offer superior grip, and made in the USA, Durahold rug pads perform continually at a calibre unparalled to its counterparts for years to come.


No-Muv Rug Pad by Durahold

The No-Muv Rug Pad by Durahold is often regarded as the best rug on carpet rug pad in the industry. The only non adhesive pad that is made specifically for area rugs on carpet, this rug pad will outlast similar styled rug pads that may break down or falter after only a couple years of wear. No-Muv by Durahold rug pads is manufactured with 45 ounces of felt & stiffened surface to prevent creeping, no adhesives necessary.

  • Available in a 3/8" thick cut
  • Durable construction adds cushioning and rug longevity
  • Hypoallergenic - No animal or plant content
  • Made in the USA - 20 Year Warranty

approx. $ 2.08 / sq ft


Durahold-Plus Rug Pad by Durahold

The Durahold Plus rug pad is Durahold’s signature product. Made with a hexagon natural rubber tire tread backing, offering superior non skid grip on hard surface flooring. This natural rubber backing is combined with a ribbed felt surface layer which will grab and adhere to the bottom of your area rug, preventing lateral movement in any direction. This Durahold Plus rug pad is top of list reserved for higher end rugs on any floor type.

  • 3/8" thick with a grooved rubber backing
  • Breathable design to protect and preserve flooring
  • Made in the USA
  • 20 Year Warranty

approx. $ 1.60 / sq ft


Dura-Stop Rug Pad by Durahold

Made with natural rubber and containing over 1 pound of duragon rubber per square yard, this durahold rug pad is one of the heaviest and most durable non slip pads on the market. Breathable open weave design facilitates airflow while preventing bunching and slipping at the corners. Compared to most waffle styled rug pads, Natural Rubber or Latex is the safest material available for floor types that are especially prone to staining.

  • 1/8" thick cut
  • Made with natural rubber materials
  • Safe for all floors and finishes
  • Made in the USA

approx. $ 1.34 / sq ft