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Jade Rug Pad

Check out our natural rubber Jade rug pads today

Jade is a large company based in the USA which specializes in natural rubber based products. All their rug pads are made in the USA. Jade offer an eco friendly alternatives to traditional synthetic and PVC padding.


Rug Anchor Rug Pad by Jade

Exceptional anchoring is an essential for smaller or runner rugs that are prone to slip or bunch. The Rug Anchor rug pad by Jade boasts a solid design that lends a superior, non-slip edge. A 100% waterproof seal guarantees to prevent and protect against the transfer of liquids to your laminate or hardwood flooring. Manufactured using eco-friendly natural rubber materials.

  • Available in 1/10" thickness
  • Ideal for runner and scatter rugs
  • Eco-Friendly natural rubber materials
  • Made in the USA

approx. $ 1.24 / sq ft