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Jmish Rug Pad

All natural wool Jmish rug pads for eco-friendly comfort

Jmish is a carpet company that specializes in higher and broadloom and wool carpeting. They offer a wool rug pad as an alternative to felt, for those who prefer a 100% natural product.


Natural Comfort Wool Rug Pad by Jmish

Add essential cushioning and gripping to your rug with the most eco-friendly rug pad on the market, the Natural Comfort Wool rug pad by Jmish is manufactured with 100% New Zealand wool. Ideal for larger rugs that are less prone to slipping or bulking on floors.

  • Natural rubber backing heat pressed to felt, not glued
  • Odor Free
  • Needled punch design allows air to flow between rug and floors
  • Safe for hot, humid, and moisture rich climates
  • Made in the USA

approx. $ 1.84 / sq ft