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Karastan Rug Pad

Premium Karastan Rug Pads for your Area Rugs

Karastan is a syndicate of Mohawk Industries, the largest carpet manufacturer in the world. Karastan is the "higher end" alternative to mohawk rug pads, reserved for higher end rugs. Karastan down under rug pad is made in the USA with rubber and felt materials, and offers nice layer of cushioning and comfort underneath your rugs. Karastan Down Under rug pads offers floor protection and comfort to become a standard for any rug or flooring. The Karastan name is synonymous with innovation in both carpeting and rug pads - providing both luxury and utility to the modern home.


Down Under Rug Pad by Karastan

The Down Under rug pad by Karastan is a rubber and felt pad designed to provide soft cushioning and long-lasting volume. A thermo-bonded felt surface facilitates a superior grip while extending your rug's longevity and beauty, A safe fit for any floor or rug type.

  • Available in 1/4" thickness
  • Non-allergenic, moth proofed, and environmentally friendly
  • Resists bacterial growth
  • Made in the USA - 20 Year Warranty

approx. $ 1.29 / sq ft