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Rug Pad for Carpet

Area rugs on wall-to-wall carpeting add dimension and color to a neutral palette. It's an inexpensive solution for adding layers to a room.The problem with rugs on carpet is that they tend to wrinkle and bunch if used without a carpet to carpet rug pad.

Keeping rugs over carpet from bunching and sliding is trickier than hard surface flooring. Certain pads perform better with regards to carpet and flooring types.We have two options for area rugs on carpet to fix this annoying problem of canoeing and wrinkling.

Feel free to give us a call: (844) 278-3262 or send us an email if your wondering which pad might work best with your specific rugs and floors.


The Best Carpet Pads for Area Rugs

No-Muv Rug on Carpet Pad

If you do not want your rug shifting or sliding and would prefer to add some layering to your area rugs over carpet then No-Muv rug pad on carpet is the perfect solution. Will prevent wrinkling and bunching by keeping rugs on carpet firmly in place. Made with densly packed felt without adhesives and therefore can be repositioned more often than a dual adhesive rug pad for carpet.

Recommended with all types of rugs on carpet. The best rug on carpet pad with thinner rugs and higher end rugs on carpet. For rugs smaller than 3’x5’ or with runner rugs use an adhesive pad.

  • Stiffened abrasive lower surface grips carpet to prevent bunching.
  • 3/8” thick – Super Dense and Heavy
  • Made in the USA
  • 20 Year Warranty

approx. $ 2.08 / sq ft


Purchasing a carpet can be a pain in the proverbial rear end. Who would have thought there were so many options to choose from? A simple decision to carpet one or more rooms in your home or office can turn into an all week excursion on a quest to find the right type, material, feel, design, color, cushioning and more.

Just take a look at only a handful of available options below to see what I mean….

Styles to choose from include:

  • Saxony – soft, smooth, plush, formal
  • Textured – extra soft, un-even surface, dirt resistant
  • Frieze – informal, commercial, wear resistant
  • Loop Pile –good for high traffic
  • Berber – dense, natural tone fibers,
  • Level loop – smooth, durable, high traffic areas
  • And more…

Not to mention fabric types such as:

  • Nylon – strong fiber, durable, synthetic
  • Olefin – resistant to moisture/mold, outdoor, durable
  • Polyester – durable, stain resistant, non-allergenic, easy clean
  • Triexta – good for children or pets, stain resistant
  • Acrylic – similar to wool but synthetic
  • And Wool – excellent padding, natural, stain resistant, easy clean

And after all that….you still have to select a carpet pad for your new purchase (*Sigh*)

What the heck is a carpet pad anyway?

A carpet pad (sometimes referred to as carpet padding) forms the base or foundation for your carpet or rug. A good carpet pad can extend the life of your carpet, flooring and rugs by years. They act as supportive cushioning and protective barriers that can really make the difference in terms of feel and comfort.

Carpet pads are made from a number of materials depending on the type and model chosen.

Examples of Materials Used:

  • Natural wool
  • Felt
  • Natural Rubber
  • Vinyl
  • Polyester
  • Memory foam
  • And more…

While a carpet pad can be a way to improve the use of your carpet, it can also be used as a primary upgrade feature for a lower cost carpet or rug. For example, you may be able to get away with buying a lower quality product, and upgrading it with a premium carpet pad underneath.

This strategy works quite well considering that carpet pads are very inexpensive, ranging from less than $1 per square foot up to about $1.75 per square foot on average.

Protecting your Carpet with a Carpet Pad

One of the primary functions of a carpet cushion is to absorb impact from normal use such as pressure, friction and abrasion caused by walking and moving furniture. Over time, use can thin, rip and wear your carpet. This in turn leads to damage to the underlying flooring such as cracking, scratches, dents and more. Carpet pads can also provide a waterproof barrier, preventing spills and moisture from warping your underlying floor and preventing the growth of mold and mildew.

Carpet cushions provide this protection by having a duel layer design. The top layer (facing the underside of your carpet) provides cushioning and support, greatly adding to the feel and comfort underfoot. The underside (facing the top of your flooring) is usually a coating of latex, natural rubber, or combination. This layer provides a water resistant barrier, thick protective coating, and grip so that your carpet doesn’t move or bunch up.

Carpet Pad Ratings – get the best carpet pad for your needs

Often times you’ll see carpet pads or cushions rated by the following factors:

  • Durability – low wear, long lasting
  • Protection – for your rug and flooring
  • Cushioning – soft, plush, padding
  • Thickness – important for clearing doorways
  • Density - high density is more ridged
  • Grip strength – prevent carpet and rugs from sliding around
  • Waterproof

Those are probably pretty self-explanatory. And depending on your needs you’ll want to pay attention to them.

If your hardwood floor is susceptible to scratches and you want to place a carpet or rug over it, you’ll likely want maximum protection and some cushioning.

If on the other hand, you are placing carpet over concrete or tile (very hard surfaces), you’ll be more concerned with comfort, needing a thick, highly cushioned carpet pad.

Or, if you are using an outdoor rug, carpet in a basement, or are in an area of your home that is prone to moisture, you’ll want a waterproof carpet pad that will prevent mold and mildew.

If you have any questions at all about what type to get, please give us a call. We are staffed and ready to help.

Cheap Carpet Padding

As for carpet pad costs, if you shop our store online you’ll see that we work directly with the manufactures and pass those savings along to you as a customer. We offer cheap carpet pads that are anything but. Our carpet padding is of the highest quality.

So whether you go with a rubber carpet pad, a felt carpet pad, or anything in between, you’ll know you are getting a top notch product at an even better price. Don’t be fooled by competitors offering cheap carpet padding that will ruin your floors and wear out in a year or two. Our pads come with a 10-20Yr warranty and are guaranteed no matter what.

Other Carpet Pad Features

  • Mold/Mildew resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Easy clean / vacuum
  • Eco-friendly / non-toxic
  • USA vs imported
  • Size ( can custom cut any size)

Types of Carpet Pads

Urethane Foam – This carpet pad can be bought in any number of densities and thicknesses depending on your needs. Higher densities tend to be more firm and give less, whilst lower densities have a lot of give and smash down easily underfoot.

Rubber – You’ll want to look for all natural rubber that is both eco-friendly and sustainable. Some of these designs have a waffle or wavy construction designed to improve air flow, reduce moisture and make for easy cleaning. Rubber carpet pads also provide the highest grip ratings and are great for rugs or carpets that are prone to movement, slippage, or bunching up.

Memory Foam – I’m sure you know what memory foam is. This material conforms to any object that puts pressure on it, forming a nice snug fit and feel. While a bit more expensive, this type of rug cushioning is plush and feels great.

Felt – Felt carpet pads are some of the softest options available. They can be ordered at any number of thickness and density options and feel great under foot. While they don’t provide the same grip strength of a rubber pad, they make up for it with comfort and insulation. Thicker options are great for keeping in heat and reducing noise.

Felt and Rubber – The best of both grip strength and padding. Great for any floor type and extremely versatile.

Wool – All natural wool. Provides a warm, soft feel and an outstanding level of comfort. Naturally fire resistant and good at reducing noise. Like felt, wool doesn’t have the same grip strength of rubber options, so is best used under large rugs or carpets that are not prone to sliding around.

Rebond – The value based option. Rebond is simply made from recycled or reclaimed scraps of high density rug padding. These scraps are bonded together (with heat or bonding agents) into a roll of carpet padding. Because this type of pad is made from left over scraps, it is typically the lowest priced option. Durability isn’t the best, nor is the protection and comfort, but it can get you by if needed.