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Regardless of order size, we offer 30 day returns on all our products.  We are so confident that you will love our rug pads, that offering a 30 day return policy is a no brainer for us.   Our rate of returns and miscuts is extremely low.



How to Issue a Return

If you would like to place a return, please email us at or call us at  (844) 278-3262.  If your order has already been shipped out, then we will email you a return slip to place on your original packaging.  Then, all you would need to do is print the return slip, tape it to the original box (or a box of your own), and then drop it off at a fedex location.  Simple as that, at no cost to you.



If you would like to cancel your order, again please contact us at or call (844) 278-3262.  If your order has already shipped out, then it will be treated as a return.  We will go ahead and issue you return slip that you can slap onto the original box, and then drop off at a FedEx location.


Issues, Comments, Concerns

Simply give us a call -  (844) 278-3262 or send us an email –